fort experiment

A New Experiment

Hello and welcome to a fresh project, or at least a fresh expression of the long standing project that is my obsession with tabletop roleplaying games.

As a Game Master in a variety of different games, I create scenarios, adventures and content for my players to explore. This site is a way of consolidating all the stuff I've made and thought about in one place.

Some of it will be experimental and tested once or not at all. Some will be fairly well realised with plenty of messing around at the table to back it up. Some of it will just be my ramblings about stuff I've enjoyed or struggled with while running games.

I'm also working on a simple RPG called Story Mode, which I'll share more about soon. I'm keen to dig into the mechanics which make the game tick, and the situations which influenced them and made them necessary.

I've picked up some of my best tips and inspiration from sites and blogs like this, where people share the stuff which has worked for them in their games. The hobby is one which has evolved as a tradition, with ideas and concepts passed from GM to GM and developed along the way. This is just my contribution to the conversation and I think the hobby is better when we share it, so come and heckle me on mastodon whether you agree or disagree with me and especially if you use some of this stuff at your table.