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Beneath Silken Waters

An adventure

Something strange has happened to the Silkfall River and its waters are imbued with unusual magic properties. Anyone who bathes in or drinks from the river are subject to incredible magical effects. Some are granted super human abilities and others are cursed with debilitating diseases.

Starter hooks:

fort experiment

4 mile hexes. Take 1 hour to cross or explore.

1. The Silksands

d6 Beach Encounters
1 Salt-gater attempts to make lunch from the party.
2 An oddity lies in the sand.
3 A sandstorm whips up and engulfs the party.
4 The rotten hull of a shipwreck, haunted by the morose and self-depricating spirit of a fisherman named Fourth.
5 A Frogfolk who is under the spell of a magical oddity and pacing in circles on the beach, occasionally leaping into the air and catching flies with their tongue.
6 A burned out fire pit. A full cooking pot contains a congealed stew. Various belongings are scattered around.

2. Inge

Notable residents


Village elder
Kindly, Stern, Wistful
Wears simple clothing of natural colours under a heavy, colourful jacket which denotes her station.
Knows not to trust the Frogfolk but maintains an amicable relationship with them.


Inge resident
Timid, Soft spoken, uneasy
Has witnessed the effects of the water first hand.
Happy to share their experiences if it'll help the party solve what's going on.

Other residents:
Ben, Elias, Finn, Julia, Lena, Lukas, Noah

3. The River Trail

D6 Trail Encounters
1 A Frogfolk travelling between the beach and their village, carrying oddities they've found on the shore. Unlikely to be hostile unless the party tries to take their new treasures.
2 An Owl which has been affected by the river water and wishes to speak with the party.
3 Vines of a plant whose roots drape into the river reach out and grapple the party.
4 A Water Elemental climbs out of the river ahead of the party, frustrated by it's unplanned arrival on this physical plane.
5 A stag sprints across the path, chased by a Dire Wolf.
6 A ruined hut just off the path. A beautiful mosaic floor lies beneath the covering of dry leaves.

4. The Midnight Clearing

Jerrup Nidling

Druid of imbibition
Skittish, unkempt, wise.
Dressed in animal skins, carries a wand of plant growth on a cord necklace.
Obsessed with his plants, talks to them constantly.
Knows about the effects of the water, but not their source.
Believes there is a way to use it for good - using it to water plants and alter their growth.

5. Temple of Rivers Rise

Osuad's Prison


Ancient Water Genie
Intimidating, Angry, Secretly terrified
A tall and slender genie, wearing many bangles, rings and necklaces and fine clothing which reflects the light.
Hates being interrupted.
Will use deception, persuasion and false promises to lure visitors into freeing them.
Sure that the key to their escape lies in bringing Bol'Bau's staff here to the temple.

Stats as Djinn
Attacks with blasts of water for D10 damage
Control water: Manipulate it's flow, increase or diminish its volume and confer magical effects onto it.
Spellcaster: Can cast any spell once per day.

6. Frogfolk Village


Frogfolk Chief Priest
Shrill, calculating, jealous.
Wears a very baggy canvas smock and walks with the aid of a gnarled staff.
Never travels anywhere without at least 2 Frogfolk Champions.
Has a lust for power and dominance over the surrounding region.
Plans to use Osuad as a weapon.
Bound Osuad into service using an ancient ritual. While he lives, only he can free the genie.

Other Frogfolk:
Cin'caa, Dil'jay, Ele'ems, Gae'rye, Gur'sac, Pam'nar, Wes'lor

The Surrounding Forest

The area around Inge, the river and the Frogfolk village is dense forest. Travel through unmarked hexes is difficult and unwitting travelers may veer from their intended path if they do not navigate correctly. The forest is also rife with wildlife and danger which the party may encounter when entering a new hex.

D6 Forest Encounters
1 1d4+2 Frogfolk Warriors patrol the forest.
2 Bevyn, a villager from Inge who has gone mad and wandered off into the forest after drinking the river water and their friend, Kemey, who is trying to get them to come home.
3 A character brushes against a plant which causes an allergic reaction. Save against poison or be covered in an itchy rash till a cure is found.
4 Lesley the Druid crouches at an old stone circle, examining dark stains on the stones.
5 A Mossy Mound writhes around in a small gully, making occasional creaking groans. Will attack if approached and otherwise continues with whatever it's doing.
6 A Treant up-roots itself as the party walk past it.

Magical Water

The water sparkles all colours of the rainbow, or oozes like treacle. Always shifting, never the same.
Drinking the water produces unknown effects.
Roll on the table below whenever a character takes a drink.

2D6 River Water Effects
2 The water multiplies in volume once drunk, drowning the drinker in around 3 minutes unless stopped.
3 Thick and oily liquid flows out over the top of your shoes and makes the ground around you slippery to walk on. Dexterity save to avoid falling over every time you move for 4 hours. The puddle dries as soon as you move away from a space.
4 Water form - become entirely made of water for 4 hours. Bonus to Dexterity, penalty to Strength.
5 Float upwards unless tethered until the next dawn.
6 Painful and ugly boils appear all over your body. Penalty to Charisma until you can find a cure.
7 The water is sweet, tasty and nourishing, you do not require food for 1 day.
8 Fighting Fit - Bonus to strength for 8 hours.
9 Heightened Senses - Bonus to wisdom for 8 hours.
10 Double in size for 4 hours.
11 Heals all wounds, illnesses, curses and other negative physical effects. Restores HP to maximum.
12 Liquid Courage - Gain d6 HP at the start of each turn until you sleep.
13+ Can teleport to the elemental plane of water or back again as an action for 1 hour.


Unusual items imbued with minor magical properties, washed up on the Silkshore or carried downstream.

1 A vase containing flowers which never die.
2 A fine wooden bagatelle board complete with 6 ball bearings. The owner will never score less than maximum points.
3 Wooden toy soldiers which reposition themselves when no one is looking.
4 A ragged painted canvas without its frame. It depicts a scene which changes with the time of day, or current weather.
5 An empty book, when wet the pages reveal what is written on them.
6 A handheld mirror which reflects not the present, but the past.
7 A four foot long hunting horn. Blowing the horn summons nearby birds.
8 A map of an island covered in indecipherable names. If given the correct password, it reveals the location of an ancient treasure.
9 A bent and rusted umbrella which has completely lost it's canopy but shields the user from the rain nonetheless.
10 A small perfume bottle containing unknown liquid. (Random magical potion.)
11 An old lute embossed with a mother of pearl butterfly. Playing the correct tune will cause the butterfly to fly away.
12 A very battered wand of control water.