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Compendium Arcanum

Vol. 1

A collection of spells and magical effects.

Deep in the old kingdom stands the ruined tower of Telezar, a powerful mage of old. Telezar's lifes work was the creation of new spells. By studying the energies which seep out of the Void, he learned to manipulate matter in the physical plane and to shape the world around him.

His name fell into myth following his death, and as the tower crumbled over the centuries, so too did the book. It's pages were scattered on the winds across the world to be found by adventurers and the spells learned once more.

When an adventure finds one of Telezar's pages, roll d12 to determine what is on it.

1. Magnetism

For 2d8 minutes, a target is able to attract and repel metal objects no heavier than themselves.

2. Projection

Create an ethereal projection of yourself in a location you have been physically within the last year. Your vision and hearing are replaced with that of this avatar's and you may speak through it.

2. Chaotic Emotion

Affect one person's demeanour to be one of the following at random.

D6 Emotion
1 Furious
2 Panicked
3 Ecstatic
4 Awestruck
5 Despondent
6 Petulent

4. Cricket

The legs of a willing creature you touch become like those of a cricket for 1 hour and they can leap high in the air to distant spaces.

5. Sinkhole

A sinkhole to appears instantly in the ground, centred on a point you can see. Creatures which fall into this sinkhole are considered prone and the sinkhole is difficult terrain.

6. Sentry

For eight hours, a target can hear the heart beats of nearby living creatures.

7. Animate Liquid

Creates a small creature from a body of water. The creature will obey instructions from the caster and lasts as long as it takes the creature to fully evaporate.

8. Hook

Creates an invisible hook in a space of free air you can see, which can bear up to 1 tonne in weight.

9. Ameloriate

Restores the condition of natural matter which has rotted or decayed due to age. This can affect matter up to 1 cubic meter in size and can restore inedible food to be edible.

10. Covet

You cause a creature to become infatuated with an object you possess for an hour.

11. Stasis

You create a small space in which time doesn't pass. This effect lasts for a number of hours equal to the spell's level. If you cast this spell on the same location every day for a year, the effect becomes permanent.

12. Thought Vessel

You remove a piece of knowledge from your mind and trap it within a glass vial or other breakable vessel. When the vessel is broken, the piece of knowledge is placed in the mind of the nearest sentient being.