fort experiment

Derelict Donjon

An adventure location

The remains of the fort stand abandoned at the base of the Ironcrest mountains. Once a proud outpost of the Old Kingdom, now an emblem of the decay which sweeps across the northern part of the realm in the wake of the Kingdom's fall.

Approaching from the South, the crumbling walls are obvious and an eerie silence rests on the ruin.

fort experiment

Any number of the following may be true.

  1. It's the last good bit of shelter before the mountains or the wild Northern plains. Travelers who want to avoid notice in the inns use it for a good night's sleep before tough journeys.
  2. The caves beneath the fort are endless and dangerous, people enter and never come out.
  3. It is used by a tribe of orcs as a base of operations for their raids on nearby villages, and as a stash for their wealth.
  4. It is haunted by the ghosts of the soldiers who died trying to defend it.
  5. It once housed the powerful wizard Talazar, and the place is infused with his magic.
  6. The last emperor stashed treasure there when the war began, in case he needed to flee to the west. It's still buried somewhere under the fort.

1. Tumbled Tower

2. Gutted Gatehouse

3. Broken Bailey

Parasitic Ooze.
Stats as preferred ooze.
Will separate into multiple oozes if cleaved. Can separate at will into small droplets and attempt to enter a sentient body. Save against poison or become an ooze host, reversible only by death or a skilled magician.

Ooze host:
Gains an insatiable hunger for meat, preferably rotten.
Penalty to intelligence.
Bonus to constitution.
Heal 1d4 HP per round.

4. Collapsing Keep

5. Crumbling Cave

Twintail Bat
Stats as giant bat.
Fly outside at night to hunt in groups of 2d6.
Attracted to loud noises and the smell of blood. Repulsed by bright light. Tail stings contain a powerful psychotoxin, causing temporary amnesia. Save against poison or forget everything including your own name until someone reminds you.

6. Splintered Shelter

7. Cracked Coffers


  1. Orc scout distracted with picking it's toenails.
  2. Tarrow, an opportunistic thief. May attempt to steal from the party, will happily profit from their misfortune. Loot: Concealed knife, half a bottle of wine, beaten up stuffed doll.
  3. Jesber, a farmer turned adventurer who has come to reclaim a prized trophy which was stolen by the orcs. Looking to settle a score.
  4. 2d6 Orcs, laden with the spoils of a raid on a farming settlement.
  5. Kerug, the Orc leader wants to intimidate the party and take their treasure.
  6. An inconspicuous moss covered boulder turns out instead to be a shambling mound, which engulfs a character who gets too close to it.